刘畊宏 - 因为有你

  奥林巴斯最新广告歌 - Girl

  tommy - what if she's an angel

  Tamas Wells - Valder Fields

  Sweetbox - Life Is Cool

  sugababes - in the middle

  Redsox - Sweet Dream

  Rascal Flatts - Stand

  overground - one for da

  none t and cool t - the magic key

  Ne Yo - Because Of You

  Natasha Thomas - It's over now

  Groove Coverage - Far Away From Home

  Enrique Iglesias - escape

  Darren Hayes - Creepin`up On You

  Christina Milian - When You Look At

  A Teens - Floorfiller

  A Teens - Upside Down

  Whatever it Takes-Leona Lewis

  Da da da da da...

  People say love

  Comes and goes, but

  They don't understand

  What they don't know

  Cause, what I feel starts

  Deep inside

  It's kinda like a sea

  That springs into life

  They say it's not right

  And we move too fast

  But they don't know the meaning

  Of what we have

  Wherever it is, I'll fly

  Whatever it takes, I'll try

  So don't pay no mind

  To whatever people say

  Whenever it is in my life

  Know that I will be on time

  'Cause you know why

  There's no standing in our way

  Da da da da da...

  When you're far and

  We're apart

  I'm really missing you

  I wanna be where you are


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